Laokoon projection installation @intervalsfest2017

2017-06-03 |   6017  |    Нижполиграф. Нижний Новгород  |  Intervals Fest 2017

Installation LaocoonTells the story of the dying moments of the ancient Greek priest.The installation is a stylized Laocoon head stuck on a wall using a black Scotch tape on it, which is projected with video content that repeats the geometry of the head - as a result, viewers get the full illusion that the head is voluminous and lives its life."Laocoon and his sons" is a sculptural group depicting the mortal struggle of Laocoon and his sons with snakes. In Greek mythology, Laocoon is a priest-prophet, a native of Troy. It was he who advised the Trojans to accept the Trojan horse - a gift of enemies, for which he was punished. The goddess Athena Pallada, who patronized the Danes, became angry and set monstrous serpents on Laocoon to kill him along with her two sons.